Why do we want to be the European Capital of Culture 2029?

Katowice and the Upper Silesian Metropolis believe that bidding for the title of European Capital of Culture will change the rules of the game.

What is important for us?

Investing in people

Industrial traditions in Katowice and the region have always been created by strong local communities. Over the past 30 years, however, many of them have disintegrated under the influence of economic and social changes. Poles and Polish women are at the bottom of European rankings of social trust.

Changing this trend – in the entire social fabric, as well as in individual communities – is a priority task for us. We want a return to the ties that build strong, resilient communities. Our region has always been based on cooperation – in the mine, in the steel mill, in industry, no one was a free electron. We are committed to returning to a culture of cooperation.

Getting out of the zones

Many of our countrymen and countrywomen have limited confidence in the possibilities of culture. Temples of culture – concert halls, theaters, museums are important, but do they fully satisfy the human need for creative self-expression? We want to build bridges between cultural zones and the surrounding neighborhoods. For us, the primary function of culture is to create connections in contexts and a world of values that everyone understands.

We want a sense of fun, freedom and the ability to express emotions freely to accompany cultural activities. This is why we chose Play! as the main concept for the European capital of culture

Showing the new child of Europe

Age-wise, Katowice – a city only 150 years old – still remains a child. It grew out of heavy industry and is now the heart of Upper Silesia and Zagłębie, consisting of 41 municipalities, the only metropolitan organization in Poland. But what do Europeans and Europeans know about our historically and culturally rich and diverse part of Europe? We feel that the history of Katowice, Silesia and Zagłębie has not yet been sufficiently told, and is the fate of Europe in a nutshell.

Searching for a purpose

Post-industrial Silesia and Zagłębie are redefining identity. We believe that the European Capital of Culture will develop the cultural ecosystem in the five sub-regions of the Metropolis. In the face of escalating geopolitical problems, climate change and the declining popularity of the democratic model worldwide, we need new ways to find balance in our communities.

Better together

To realize our vision of culture at the community level, we need to work in true partnership with both local residents and national and international partners. That’s why we conducted a comprehensive survey of the cultural needs and preferences of Metropolitan residents. The scope of this project is unparalleled in the entire country.

We believe that the ECC will become a turning point on our path to building a renewed metropolitan identity and a reinvigorated sense of community and purpose. There is no better platform for bringing people together than culture. It’s a real game changer for a city based on fun and imagination.

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