The ECoC 2029 Consultative Council is an advisory body, supporting the KMO in the development of the application. Its task is to design the ECOC 2029 program with particular emphasis on proposals for systemic changes and/or regarding cultural policy in the broadest sense. The Council will also give its opinion on projects and proposals for the ECoC 2029 program submitted by residents and their respective communities.

In keeping with the principle that no one is a prophet in his own country, and blocking the temptations of vested interests, the members of the Council will be primarily people from outside the narrowly defined community of animators and entertainers of culture.

After all, in line with the ideas of the competition for the ECoC, culture should be looked at broadly. Culture is a tool for building community, a sense of belonging, security. Culture is also supposed to pose questions and point out problems. Culture is one of the foundations that create the prosperity of cities.

In the first year of the council’s operation, we invited representatives of activist communities from such fields as – urban planning, architecture, public transportation, ecology, design or economics. In subsequent years (2024 +), the council will be expanded through an open competition.

Andrzej Bogdanowicz

Agnieszka Bugno-Janik

Anna Dęboń

Dagmara Gumkowska

Waldemar Jan

Halina Khalymonyk

Arnika Kluska

Oliwia Myczkowska

Jerzy Parusel

Agnieszka Stefaniak-Zubko

Piotr Wójcik

Justyna Szklarczyk-Lauer

Dominik Tokarski

We would like to thank the members of the Advisory Board who worked for us in 2023: Michalina Bednarek, Magdalena Cielecka, Karolina Jakoweńko and Przemysław Walas, and Wiktor Wysocki, who worked with us in 2024.

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